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Early Childhood

The Ascension Parish School System offers a variety of programs that provide developmentally appropriate experiences. The purpose of these federal and state coordinated programs is to improve the readiness of children and to provide a transition from home to school environment. Programs offered at various sites in the parish are funded by: Title I, 8g, LA 4, EEF, Special Education, and Head Start.


The Ascension Parish Kindergarten program provides high quality opportunities where students build skills, knowledge, and attitudes toward schooling that are necessary for lifelong learning. It is a critical time in a child’s education because development is rapid and important foundations are being established.


Primary Schools 

In Ascension Parish the primary grades (K–fifth) provide a foundation in fundamentals of the language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, health, physical education, and cultural arts. Through a variety of instructional settings, elementary schools nurture the creative, academic, and emotional growth of each student.


Middle Schools

Ascension Parish schools serve the educational needs of students in the middle grades (sixth through eighth). Each middle school offers statemandated courses in reading, language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, and physical education. All middle schools also offer enrichment programs, interscholastic sports, and instrumental music programs.


High Schools

The curriculum in each of the four Ascension Parish high schools provides educational experiences to prepare students for careers and the continuation of life-long learning. In addition to course offerings required for graduation, honors programs and advanced placement opportunities provide further enrichment at the secondary level. An expanded elective program is facilitated by the seven-period day at one of the schools, and by block scheduling at the other three. For incoming freshmen, the 24 units required for graduation shall include 16 required units and 8 elective units for the La Core Curriculum, or 21 required units and 3 elective units for La Core 4 Curriculum; the electives can be earned at a community or technical college.

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