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Job Title Teacher-Teach Ascension
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Published Date 01/08/2018
Closing Date 02/19/2018 
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Teach Ascension

Teacher Certification Program


Teach Ascension Academy is Ascension Parish Schools’ district-based teacher certification program


Minimum Qualifications for entrance into the Teach Ascension program:

  1. Possess a non-education baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university;
  2. Have 2.50 or higher grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 scale
  3. Pass the Praxis core academic skills for educators in reading, writing, and mathematics. Candidates who already possess a graduate degree will be exempted from this requirement; Candidates with an ACT score of 21 or an SAT combined score of 1030 will be exempted from this requirement
  4. Pass the Praxis content-specific examinations

Participants in this program will fulfill all duties as stated in the job description of a certified teacher (see job description below).


Participants will attend teacher training sessions for four weeks during the summer and one Saturday a month.


Participants will be assigned to a position in one of the following Ascension TAP Schools:


Donaldsonville High School

Lowery Middle School

Gonzales Middle School

Lowery Elementary School

Donaldsonville Primary School

Gonzales Primary School

Pecan Grove Primary School

G.W. Carver Primary School

Sorrento Primary School

Central Primary School

Duplessis Primary School

Lakeside Primary School






303, 310














9 Months

182 days




Plans and implements a program of study in specific subject areas that enables an elementary, middle, and secondary school student to learn, play and develop in an optimal manner.  This position includes Departmentalized and Self Contained Elementary School Middle School, and Secondary Education Teacher responsibilities.







EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION – Bachelor’s degree.  Type C, Level I or OS Louisiana teaching certificate; Additional criteria as established by the School Board.





Designing and Planning Instruction:  Instructional plans are based on extensive content knowledge and understanding of students and are designed to engage students in significant learning.  All aspects of the plans – instructional outcomes, learning activities, materials, resources, and assessments – are in complete alignment and are adapted as needed for individual students, including but not limited to implementation of 504, IDEA and other modifications as required.  Written lesson plans represent the appropriate content, provide opportunities for student involvement in the learning process and assess student progress effectively.  Examples of this accountability include, but are not limited to, the following:

Instructional plans include:

  • Measurable and explicit goals aligned to state content standards.
  • Activities, materials, and assessments that are aligned to state standards.
  • Logical sequencing building on student’s background knowledge and sub-objectives.
  • Appropriate amount of time allotted for student work, student reflection, and lesson/unit closure.
  • Regular opportunities to accommodate individual student needs.

Assignment and assessment plans include:

  • Student work assignments and assessments that are developed and aligned to pre-post tests, which are aligned to the high-stakes test.
  • Assessments that are aligned to state content standards, have clear measurement criteria, provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of content and require extended written tasks.
  • Description of how results will be used to inform future instruction.

 The Learning Environment: Performs management accountabilities by maintaining a positive environment conducive to learning and maximizing the amount of time available for instruction.  Expectations for student learning are high, and interactions among individuals are respectful.  Standards for student conduct are clear, and the physical environment supports learning.  Examples of this accountability include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Classroom management techniques are varied and utilized to promote positive student behavior whereby teacher-student and student-student interactions demonstrate caring and respect for one another.
  • High and demanding expectations are set for every student whereby all students are encouraged to learn from mistakes and given opportunities to experience success.

Classroom physical arrangement is organized and understandable to all students allowing easy and ready access to supplies, equipment, and resources.




Instruction:  All students are engaged in learning as a result of clear directions and explanations utilizing the skillful use of questioning and discussion to maximize learning.  Activities and assignments are of high quality, and teacher and students make productive us of assessments.  Assessment strategies are integrated into instruction in order for the teacher to demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of all learners.  Instructional approach shifts easily when the situation demands it.  Examples of this accountability include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Standards and objectives are aligned to state content standards, logically sequenced, and explicitly communicated.  S/O are consistently referred to and connected to what students have previously learned.
  • Content is organized and presented in a manner that motivates students to learn where inquiry, curiosity, and exploration are valued and learning is personally meaningful and/or relevant to students.
  • Instructional content is presented through the use of visuals with examples, illustrations, analogies, and/or labels leading to student mastery of specific skills in a more efficient manner.
  • Lesson is effectively segmented so that sufficient time is allocated to all parts of the lesson to best support student learning - a clear beginning, middle, and end with time for reflection.
  • Variety of materials and activities, clearly aligned to objectives, is utilized to address various learning styles and intelligences.
  • Frequent, purposeful and coherent questioning is varied and high quality, providing a balanced mix of question types that require active responses from students.
  • Specific and timely academic feedback supports student learning as opposed to informing students of the accurateness of their responses.  Feedback is also used to make adjustments in instruction.
  • Instructional grouping of students consistently maximizes student understanding and facilitates opportunities for students to set personal goals, reflect on, and evaluate their learning.
  • Strong content knowledge is demonstrated by connecting the content being taught to other ideas and concepts.  Utilization of subject-specific instructional strategies enhances student content knowledge.
  • Teacher knowledge of students is evident and differentiated instructional methods ensure students have the opportunity to master what is being taught.
  • Opportunities are provided during instruction to students to hone their research-based thinking skills and to think analytically, practically, and creatively.
  • Activities are implemented to teach and reinforce problem solving skills so that students can manage complex tasks and higher levels of learning.








Professional Responsibilities:  Ethical standards and sense of professionalism are highly developed, showing perceptive use of reflection, effective systems for record keeping and communication, leadership roles in both school and district projects.  Demonstrates ownership for professional development activities and accepts responsibilities contributing to school improvement.  Examples of this accountability include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Seeks out opportunity for professional development and makes a systematic effort to conduct action research through professional learning communities (PLC).
  • Prompt, prepared, and participates in PLCs using student work to enhance and improve personal proficiency.
  • Seeks out feedback on teaching from both supervisors and colleagues.
  • Reports child abuse or suspected neglect to proper authorities.
  • Challenges negative attitudes or practices to ensure that all students are honored, both emotionally and academically, in the school and throughout the district.
  • Manages textbook distribution, collection and fee collection for damaged or lost books.
  • Accepts leadership responsibilities and/or assists peers in contributing to a safe and orderly school environment.
  • Information is provided to families frequently on student progress with concern for professional and cultural sensitivity.
  • Attends faculty meetings, parent/teacher organization meetings, and other school functions.
  • Accepts responsibilities of collection and distribution of all fees collected.
  • Performs assigned duties with respect to recess, lunch, planning periods, and library periods.
  • Performs other duties as required.





NOTE:  This job description is a summary of the primary duties and responsibilities of the position.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all duties and responsibilities. All certified and other professional personnel are annually evaluated in writing. .The Ascension Parish School Board reserves the right to change this description at its discretion.


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